Cultivation, processing of herbs and production of essential oils in Nepal.

About us


Natural Resources Industries P. Ltd (NRIPL) was established in 1990 to unleash the economic potentiality of MAPs and to promote the fair business on MAP’s sector. Since establishment, engaged in cultivation, processing of herbs and essential oils, and trade both within the country and across the world. The vision of the company is to create a niche market segment and recognize Nepal as source of quality medicinal and aromatic products throughout the globe. Essential oil manufacturer in Nepal.



In our endeavor to provide quality products consistently, we had managed to secure certified organic label since 2004. We are one of the earliest companies to have the certification along with a team of experts ensuring the cultivation and wild harvesting practices meet the international standards. Our operations are certified by ONECERT-USA for EU and USNOP standards for wild harvest and cultivation.

Our facilities at Bara, Rasuwa and Taplejung are certified for cultivation, collection and processing. We are shifting to organic production in near future for all of our facilities, including cultivated and wild harvested herbs.



The company is sourcing wild herbs mostly from high hilly regions. As a part of social corporate responsibility and to maintain fragile ecological balance, it is offering relatively high price to collectors for sustainability harvested herbs.

Similarly, the company has fully or partially supported to establish processing units in different parts of Nepal that helps to create rural employment opportunities. The company has also diversified into domestication of herbs and commercial cultivation to ensure sustainable quality and supply source.

In an endeavor to commercialize the farming we have established two nursery for propagation of quality seeds and samplings at Rasuwa and Bara Districts.



Our modern laboratory ensures basic parameters tested in house for quality assurance and control of essential oils and to assess the quality of raw herbs. The laboratory is being operated by qualified personal.

The company has planned to invest regularly in research and development to further improve the process and quality, diversify the range and to introduce new technologies.


Product Diversification

In association with local and international organization we are developing new products to ensure better utilization of available resources; already we have started commercial cultivation of Rauvolfia serpentina,

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Tagetes minuta, Swertia chirayita, Litsea citrata, etc and also we are actively engaged in process of introducing better technologies for distillation and extraction.

We have facilities at different commercial and trading center of Nepal to ensure utilization of available resources and to have competitive edge.

  • Halkhoriya Cultivation and Processing unit
  • Rasuwa Cultivation and Processing unit
  • Taplejung Collection Center
  • Tulsipur Collection Center
  • Birgunj Collection Center
  • Mahendranagar Collection Center
  • Dolpa Collection Center
  • Simikot Collection Center
  • Surkhet Collection Center


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Head Office

Saumil Complex, 4th floor, Baburam Acharya Sadak, Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal


Jeetpur Simara Sub-metropolotian Ward No 18, Manaharwa, Bara Nepal
Phone: +977 (1) 41 10 860

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